NEWS >Debut of the Wld Hydropower Congress in China at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

Debut of the Wld Hydropower Congress in China at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

      On May 19, the 5th Wld Hydropower Congress (WHC) kicked off at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center, brought together nearly 1,000 delegates including government officials from countries around the wld, wld's hydropower leaders, industry leaders, hydropower experts, representatives of non-governmental ganizations, executives of financial institutions, media representatives other representatives from water resource energy sects. At the relaxing enjoyable welcoming banquet, all the guests, impressed by the venue's magnificence, energy-saving environmental protection technology, considerate services, spoke highly of the "zero carbon emission" venue's software hardware facilities its persistence in the idea of "sustainable development".

      As WHC made its debut in China, the fact that Yanqi Lake International Convention Center Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center were selected as the venue has its root cause. Ever since its foundation in 2007, the Wld Hydropower Congress sticks to the siting criteria of attaching imptance to both ecological environment humanistic idea, based on which Turkey, Icel, Brazil Malaysia were chosen consecutively as the host countries. As a distinctive imptant part of Yanqi Lake International Convention Center, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center boasts idyllic ecological environment a farsighted concept of sustainable development that exactly matches the idea WHC has adhered to f years.
     In the warm spring of May, surrounded by green magnificent Yanshan Mountains, the blazing red complex was reflected like the Temple of Heaven in the elegant graceful Yanqi Lake. All guests attending WHC could not help complimenting the unique charm of the lscape of Huairou. WHC has been taking "advancing sustainable hydropower" as the theme, which coincides with the "sustainable development" idea Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center adhered to in the construction operation of the venue. During the construction of the venue, me than 30 cutting-edge energy-saving technologies innovative technologies independently developed were used, such as the domestically leading solar power supply stage system, intelligent lighting control system, rainwater collection recycling system, kitchen waste treatment system, sanitary sewage treatment system, etc. In terms of the engineering design, sunken courtyards squares were flexibly used to open up the underground space, thus improving greatly the utilization rate of the building space, as well as increasing the scope of natural ventilation lighting. The guests agreed unanimously that a real low-carbon environmental-friendly example was established as evidence of positive explations made by the center in l saving, energy conservation, hydropower regeneration, cyclic utilization.

      To provide excellent reception service f the Wld Hydropower Congress, in addition to favable timing place, the key guarantee was a professional operation management team. Every front-line employees, from engineers, technicians, operats to security guards, based on their own positions, provided meticulous attentive services f the guests from around the wld by practicing expertise seeking f perfection. Considering most guests that attended the banquet of the WHC were feigners from all over the wld, the operation management team not only strengthened the training f front-line service personnel in international etiquette English, but also provided food with feign flav tried to satisfy various dietary habits of the guests as a result of cultural religious differences. The center provided the ganizing committee with multiple recommendations on shuttle bus, route planning, table arrangement, schedule codination, security guarantee other details. The center is capable of offering one-stop service, that is why the ganizing committee selected the center as the venue. The gr elegant arrangement of the welcoming banquet, a wide variety of dishes considerate thoughtful services were unanimously praised by domestic feign guests media repters.

        The three-day 5th Wld Hydropower Congress will come to a close on May 21. China's hydropower practitioners took this opptunity to have sufficient communications with international counterparts. Amid current environmental constraints increasingly prominent disputes in hydropower, all participants from home abroad reached a consensus at the WHC pledged to make mutual effts to realize better faster promotion of the development of the wld's hydropower industry. Meanwhile, the center also succeeded in establishing its international br by successfully hosting the Fifth Beijing International Film Festival the Fifth Wld Hydropower Congress. As several large events came to a perfect ending, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center will usher in its gr opening in June this year. As a new player rapidly rising in the convention exhibition industry, the center will show a me perfect image to the wld.