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Industry elites gathered in China International Event Festival

      The 11th China International Event Festival with the theme of "Belt Road Event Culture" was held in Haikou from August 14 to 18. Imptant meetings were held during this period, including China Convention & Exhibition City Meeting Preliminary Meeting f "Belt Road" Convention & Exhibition City Community, China Convention & Exhibition Youth Fum • 2015 China Convention & Exhibition Education Fum, High-level Development Fum of China's Convention & Exhibition Industry. As a key part of this festival, the 14th Gold Dolphin Award of China's Convention Exhibition Industry was announced on August 16. Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, together with China National Convention Center Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center, won the "Gold Dolphin" Award of China's Convention Exhibition Industry – 2014-2015 Lmark Venues of China's Convention Exhibition Industry, which is praised as "Oscar Award of the Convention Exhibition Industry".

      In the post-APEC era, how does Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center that boasts a high starting point good reputation manage to retain the global attention become a benchmarking venue in the industry? The center has made unremitting effts in terms of leading hardware design advanced software service. The center Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area where the center is situated boast unique natural environments, abundant cultural atmospheres convenient geographical advantages. By giving full play to these advantages through internationalized, stardized infmation-based management, the center is committed to building itself a unique attractive high-end MICE destination at home abroad. In terms of hardware design, the center has already become a "lmark venue" in China even in the wld, as evident by the wld's unique reflection of the Hall of Prayer f Good Harvests of the Temple of Heaven, the reputation as China's first "zero carbon" venue, me than 30 architectural design patents, practical smooth spiral layout, green energy-saving lighting power supply technologies. In terms of software service, the center is building an "intelligent venue" using Internet+ technology, offering customers "whole industrial chain services" with innovative spirits, creating an atmosphere where guests feel at home by providing high quality services. In addition, the operation management team sent by China National Convention Center affiliated with Nth Star Events has followed the high stards of "stardized management, tabulated stards, infmationized fms, mobile infmation" thus deserves to be called the industry model.

      In addition to winning the Gold Dolphin Award, representatives on behalf of the center also took the opptunity of this festival to hold a special introduction marketing event this year. The event attracted over 100 representatives including authitative industry experts scholars, domestic feign exhibits, national well-known convention exhibition hotels, convention exhibition service enterprises. This event served as an exchange cooperation platfm, where the participants interacted with each other to "seek business opptunities, promote common development achieve win-win results". In this way, the participants had a better understing of Yanqi Lake were expected to hold exhibitions at the center. Additionally, the center received the most attention consulting intentions in the following Project Matching Meeting of China's Convention Exhibition Industry other agendas.
      As the saying goes, "All difficult things in the wld are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, all great things from one in which they were small." Amid the attention recognition of all walks of life industrial counterparts, the center will get down to "easy things" "small things". Bearing a lofty ambition, the center will make effts bit by bit in der to do "great things" that are aimed at driving the economic development of the convention exhibition industry, optimizing the regional economic structure, boosting the construction of the new city f international exchange.