NEWS >Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center joins the International Congress Convention Association (ICCA)

Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center joins the International Congress Convention Association (ICCA)

       The autumn came following the summer, accompanied by lscape mosaic in mountains rivers. In September, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center got a fmal reply from the International Congress Convention Association (ICCA) that the center met ICCA's qualification conditions became a member beginning September 2015. The center served as ICCA's 40th member in Mainl China 14th member in Beijing.
       Founded in 1963 headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherls, ICCA is one of the wld's largest most authitative ganizations in the international convention industry is also the most globalized ganization in the conference industry with members covering 95 countries. Due to the strict threshold conditions to join the ICCA, there are now only 39 members in China, which are concentrated in 13 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen Haikou. Beijing is home to only 13 members including China National Convention Center.
      Situated in Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area surrounded by mountains rivers, the center boasts unique natural environment advantages. The center did its best to successfully receive the Fifth Beijing International Film Festival, the Fifth Wld Hydropower Congress, the International Students Summer Camp – Beijing other large international events. As a result, the center has succeeded in building a br image as a high-end conference destination, gradually fmed its cpate styles featuring first-class concept, first-class facilities, first-class service, first-class benefits, first-class reputation.
      As the most expected new venue in China's convention exhibition industry this year, after continuously winning several industrial awards of China, the center successfully joined the ICCA, which allows the center to have me opptunities to exchange with learn from international well-known convention cities, convention ganizations, convention service providers other members, greatly improves the influence reputation of the center in the field of international convention exhibition. This entry marks an imptant step f the center to go global. Additionally, the ICCA offers an international platfm f the center, the international gathering complex China's convention exhibition industry to showcase their advantages strengths. They will have me opptunities to attract international congresses association conferences, thus boosting the construction development of Beijing's high-end conference industrial economy the new city f international exchange.

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