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Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center faved

The 5th Wld Hydropower Congress was unveiled at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC) on May 19, 2015. Nearly 1,000 persons from the wld, including government officials from various countries, wld hydropower leaders, entrepreneurs in the industry, hydropower experts, representatives of civil ganizations associations, seni executives of financial institutions, media representatives as well as other representatives from water resources energy fields attended the congress at BYCC beside Yanqi Lake. 

At the relaxed pleasant welcoming banquet in the evening, the guests spoke highly of BYCC’s magnificent venue, utilization of energy-saving environmental protection technology meticulous service as well as its zero-carbon software hardware facilities its sustainable-development concept.

Yanqi Lake International Convention Complex (YICC) BYCC were selected as the venues f the 5th Wld Hydropower Congress, which was held f the first time in China, f good reasons. Since its establishment in 2007, the Wld Hydropower Congresses were successively held in Turkey, Icel, Brazil Malaysia, the Wld Hydropower Congress always pays equal attention to the ecological environment humanistic philosophy in its venue selection. The distinctive BYCC, as an imptant part of YICC, not only possesses a wonderl-like ecological environment, but also a long-term sustainable development concept, which coincide with the concept of the Wld Hydropower Congress.

In the late springtime, BYCC’s fiery-red main building, which looks like the inverted lmark building of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, was silhouetted against the green majestic Yanshan mountains the beautiful Yanqi Lake, amazing all the guests to BYCC f the congress with the unique charms of the mountains waters in Huairou district of Beijing. The theme of the Wld Hydropower Congress is always “advancing sustainable hydropower” which coincides with the “sustainable development” concept of BYCC in its venue construction operation. In its venue construction, BYCC adopted over 30 cutting-edge energy-saving technologies China-independently developed technologies including domestically advanced solar power system, intelligent lighting control system, rainwater collecting recycling system, kitchen garbage treatment system living sewage treatment system. In the engineering design, BYCC skillfully utilized sunken courtyards plazas to develop underground spaces, greatly improving the building space utilization ratio as well as the building’s natural ventilation natural lighting. The guests unanimously held that BYCC has made positive explations in l-saving, energy-saving, hydropower regeneration recycling, achieving the real low-carbon environmental protection.

Of course, it is not enough f BYCC to possess the good hardware to hold a successful international conference. BYCC’s professional operation management team is the vital soft power. All staffs at BYCC from engineering to technology from operation to security fully provide professional services f guests from all over the wld. After learning that most guests to the congress are feigners, BYCC’s operation management team not only strengthened the international etiquette English-language training f the frontline service personnel, but also increased the number of western-style foods, made the most effts to codinate the guests’ eating habits due to the cultural religious differences. In addition, BYCC proposed many suggestions to the Wld Hydropower Congress ganization committee about the details including pick-up service, venue entry route planning, table arrangement, schedule codination security suppt. Such a full-chain service is just the reason f the Wld Hydropower Congress ganization committee to choose BYCC as its venue. The welcoming evening banquet’s gr ggeous layout, the various kinds of dishes the meticulous services had won a unanimous praise from the participating guests media repters at home abroad. 

The three-day-long 5th Wld Hydropower Congress is scheduled to be wrapped up on May 21, 2015. During the meeting, personnel in the Chinese hydropower sect carried out full exchanges with their international counterparts. In the context of increasingly apparent environmental restriction water-farml dispute, people from all walks of life at home abroad reached consensus at the congress to better faster push fward the wld hydropower development. With the success in the 5th Beijing International Film Festival the 5th Wld Hydropower Congress, BYCC has also built up its own br. After undertaking many large activities, BYCC, which is scheduled to usher in its gr opening in June of 2015, will showcase itself as a rising star in the conference exhibition sect to the wld with a new image.