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Place of Hon, Engraving the Tradition Leading the Future

     This is a mix of light shadow, an impact of visual audio effects, a perfect combination of time space. In the evening of October 24, under witness of over 700 distinguished guests including global dignitaries, elites in the industry, renowned media, stars, investment partners, car fans, the release of new BMW7 series under the theme of “Better Create the Future than to Predict the Future” is successfully staged in the honable Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center in which APEC was held. This is the first time f the Center to undertake new product release of an internationally well-known auto br. This event is highly praised recognized by the ganizer the participating guests f the design of the venue which integrated both tradition modernity, the natural environment with both fine weather favable geographical location, the state-of-the-art convenient exhibiting space f the new product, the meticulous services f the entire industry chain.

       Perfect Match of the Center the BMW7 Series
       With a unique design which looks like an upside down Hall of Prayer f Good Harvests of the Temple of Heaven as a honable place at which APEC has been held, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has lend suppt to BMW’s appeal f inheriting tradition, innovating f the future, pursuing perfection added infinite mystery expectation to the first BMW new product release held in the Center after APEC.
The release of new BMW 7 series is divided into two parts, i.e. internal ground external ground. F the external ground it is mostly perfmance of flowing light shadow with lights shooting high low as bright as sunshine perfectly illuminating the outline of the Center. On the passageway to the main entry of the Center, there are lamps taller than a man with logo on them. In the outer garden of the Center st special-shaped lamps up to 50 meters which resemble the shape of number “7”. The most prominent highlight on the external ground appears on the vault of the Tianmu Hall. Since the vault is as the same round shape as the logo of BMW’s blue white logo, it can perfectly match with the latter, with a fantastic view from above the sky.

       The design of the internal ground is even me imaginative. The main release area, i.e. the 5,500㎡ circular conference hall, is innovatively turned into a 360°rotary stage. The round-shaped Tianmu Hall in the center is used separately as the auditium f the first time. The circular area surrounding it is used as the main stage, stages f the multi-act perfmance, exhibition of all generations of BMW7 series. Sitting in the auditium with the moving of the 360° rotary stage, the guests can watch 6 different scenes, appreciate perfmance staged by well-known Hollywood domestic acts actresses, experience development evolution of BMW7, enjoy a new sensy experience as if to see the “gate of time” be pushed open. With full use of the most distinctive circular conference hall, the design of the entire venue the stage echoes with the theme of the event, i.e. Better Create the Future than to Predict the Future.

      To Meet Customer’s Need f Perfection with Both Tradition Innovation
      Releasing of new cars bears great significance, especially f a wld renowned international br like BMW. No err is allowed f the release of its latest product in China. Therefe, BMW is deming in both facilities design concept of the site f the release.  Not only shall traditional idea be stuck to upscale quality be maintained, but also the courage to the future when facing challenges arising from the change of times shall be possessed.
Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center is an ideal place f meeting such dem. It not only has the appearance cultural deposits of a traditional architecture which follows ancient methods etiquette but also has the leading suppting facilities application of science technology in the industry as well as a “conference exhibition plus” concept with aims to innovate services f the entire industry chain of the conference exhibition sect. The release of new BMW7 series being held in the Center shows that this venue has already won the fav of its deming customers. The dazzling effect of the release event further demonstrates that the Center with tradition innovation combining together can help customers achieve their goal f perfection. 
     This release of new BMW7 series is the first time f Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center to undertake a project from internationally well-known auto brs. Soon after this, there will be release exhibition of new products from renowned auto brs both from home abroad being staged one after another in the Center.

       Undertaking of Multi-type Events with Comprehensive Strength Highlighted
       As the leading venue of Yanqi Lake International Convention Center which is a destination f high-level political economic conferences, the Center is undertaking increasingly diversified events, including large international associate meetings, political economic fums, exhibitions of cutting-edge technological achievement of industries, new product releases by multi-national companies, international spts events, cultural events. It also has made a recd of holding four events of different types dems in a day. 
     Thanks to its superi venue facilities, internationally leading management concept, considerate innovative services f the entire industry chain, since its launch of trial operation in August, the Center has reached close partnerships with a number of event ganizers has been praised by both customers industrial players, beginning to display its capability in both domestic international conference exhibition sects. With enriched business fms increasingly diversified business growth point as well as further strengthened management on expt br by the operation team, the Center is increasingly revealing its comprehensive strength. In the future, with the superi resources it enjoys in various domestic international fields sects, the Center believes that it will rapidly exp in the new blue ocean of conference exhibition sects.