NEWS >New Fd Taurus Opens the Starry Sky the Blue Ocean in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

New Fd Taurus Opens the Starry Sky the Blue Ocean in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

      What luxury experience would the combination of the red of Yanqi the blue of Fd bring? On November 17, the new Fd Taurus of Changan Fd Automobile Co .,Ltd is released in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, with me than 1000 guests from the industry, customer representatives, partners, media staffs opening “an infinite lscape of life” with the new car. It is another event f the release of new cars undertaken by the Center as well as the second time its innovation-led services being recognized by well-known auto brs, which increasingly highlight the br strength of the Center in this area.

     The main col of the entire event is the Fd blue, matching with the live perfmance by a symphony chestra, full of greur luxury. During the release of the new car, the conference hall of the main venue incpates the main stage, the auditium, the exhibition area all together. The circular hall is as spectacular as the starry sky the blue ocean under the blue lights. There is an 88 meter super-long blue carpet on the passageway to the main entry of the Center with 1000 flo lamps sending out lights like stars shining in the universe. During the banquet, the exquisite new car the model of the Center fm a delightful contrast with each other. The edible “Fd Blue” colant which is extracted from natural food ingredient allows the blue macarons in the buffet area to attract much attention. All staff members are wearing the customized Fd Blue unifms which are quite eye-catching. With careful arrangement of the entire banquet, the scenario-based food drink are once again highly praised by the guests.

    Since this is a premium product release event f this year’s featured car model, the ganizer has sophisticated requirement on the processes of the event including release of new product, test-drive of new car, a number of professional fums, buffet, the reception dinner, premium wine parties, hotel accommodations, etc. In der to ensure smooth progress of the event, the Center perfms final countdown rehearsal on the suppting projects of all functions 10 days befe the event. The sales department makes all efft to codinate communicate so as to meet all real-time needs of the ganizer. The engineering department ganizes repeated tests on suspending points in the Center malfunction elimination on sound equipments the electric circuit. The security department perfms multiple safety drills to deal with emergencies. The operation department makes various innovations on aspects such as food services to maximally match with the theme of the event. Each every repeated deliberation on details reveals the professionalism attentiveness of the operation management team.

      During the event, the conference hall, the banquet hall, the multi-function hall, various halls rooms to be used are furnished carefully. The banquet, wine party, tea break, buffets, wking lunch are supplied with dozens of elabately-made delicacies. Over 100 staff members at the site provide considerate services. Meover, the main venue equipped with thouss of theater seats is turned into a banquet hall with nearly 100 round-shaped dinner tables within 45 minutes, enabling the participants to traverse among different sensy experiences of the release area, the fum area, the dinner area, the test-drive area, the hotel area in a sht period. Delicate services provided on the entire event are widely acclaimed, once again demonstrating the capability of the Center to offer services f the entire industry chain which integrates conference, exhibition, food drink, accommodation.

     Since its soft opening, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has successfully held the release of new BMW7 series the release of new Fd Taurus. It has become a preferred option f release of new products by auto brs, which marked a great achievement in its aggressive explation of cooperation projects in new areas besides its primary businesses of holding conferences exhibitions. With its comprehensive strength, the Center has made attempts in areas such as release of new cars, entertainment spts event, wedding ceremonies, film shooting, it focused on creating a diversified operation concept of “conference exhibition plus”, achieved rich returns both in industrial position br image. In the future, the Center will keep innovation as its soul of the company culture. It will further exp in the international market while maintain position in the domestic market , under the new nmal situation, make contribution to the “green development” of the conference exhibition sect.