NEWS >Five Thous Social Entrepreneurs Gathered at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center to Ask the Way to Ecosystem

Five Thous Social Entrepreneurs Gathered at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center to Ask the Way to Ecosystem

       It is the early winter with warm sunlight shining on the snow. From November 25 to 27, the first Global Social Entrepreneurs Fum is held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. Nearly five thouss of social entrepreneurs from various regions, areas, industries gather here through the snow to have a discussion on the ecosystem with well-known figures such as Kofi Annan, fmer UN Secretary General, Carlos Magarinos, fmer UNIDO Direct General, Yang Lan, president of Sun Media Group, make deepening exchanges on the theme of “carrying the mission of the era jointly building the ecosystem”, provide suggestions on the development of Chinese as well as global economies. 

       During the three-day fum, the comprehensive function of the center area on L flo is revealed. The circular conference hall in the main venue easily accommodates both the main stage the auditium. The highlight of the fum, “Asking the Way” is held in this hall. As the hostess of this activity, with witty remarks, Ms. Yang Lan debates with Mr. Annan the entrepreneur representatives, winning rounds of applauses from the participants. The inner circular crid surrounding the conference hall is used as the product exhibition area f the participating companies. 16 stard exhibition sts line up in a beautiful half circle, allowing the participants to check the products on the sts have deep discussions on cooperation with the business personnel besides exchanging thoughts on the fum. Meover, the dining area is connected with the accommodation area through L flo, enabling the participants to taste the exquisitely prepared food in their faved dining area st by the window of their room to enjoy the snow on the lake, relaxing after the fum, without even getting out of the venue but just a few minutes of walk. 

      As the largest fum event to date since the launch of the Center, the ecosystem fum features large number of participants, sophisticated usage of venues, large dem of services, etc. The thematic fum, thanksgiving party, film premier in the conference hall, the reception dinner   buffet in the banquet hall, the comftable guest rooms suppting services in the premium wine party, the product exhibition promotion of services on the circular crid, all these perfectly demonstrate the theme of the fum allow thouss of participants to experience the capability of the Center to provide services f the entire industry chain be marveled by perfect codination cooperation among various functions of the Center. 

      In der to better ensure the smooth progress of the fum, various functions of the Center join fces with each other. Ice snow on main passages of the venue are eliminated in advance to provide a clear derly environment f personnel vehicles entering the venue. The marketing sales department follows activities of all aspects to codinate the addressing of all emergent needs. The engineering safety departments arrange staff members to be on guard 24 hours a day to ensure nmal operation of all equipments facilities safety of personnel at all time. It is wth mentioning that the Center has learnt through communication with the ganizer that many participants would prefer flexible free fm of dining. Therefe, the operation financial departments have arranged multiple sales point of food coupons a number of dining areas on each flo besides group dining area offered set meal options at different prices so that the needs f dining of over 3000 persons are met. 

      During its construction operation, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has put extreme emphasis on reasonable use of ecological resources sustainable development of enterprises. This is why the first ecosystem fum is held here. In the future, the Center will continue to follow closely with the social development, make constant attempts in the integration of venue operation ecosystem protection, complete the building of social responsibility of the company, turn the company value into a social value. It will march on the fefront regarding conference exhibition venues , combining the superi resources in the surrounding area which cannot be reproduced, try to build itself as a destination f high-level political economic conferences f ecological leisure tourism conferences award ceremonies, realizing the transfmation upgrading of the conference exhibition sect.