NEWS >Xi’an Janssen Launching the Opening of “Annual Meeting Season” f Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

Xi’an Janssen Launching the Opening of “Annual Meeting Season” f Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center

       Approaching to the end of the year, as various large companies are dazzling f picking up a venue f their annual meetings, Beijing Yanxi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has launched its “Company Annual Meeting Season” in advance. On December 16th, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center received “the 2015 Annual Meeting of Xi’an Janssen- an OTC Cpation of China”, where me than 3000 staff honed guests were involved. The flexible collocation of different types of halls, the exquisite preparation of various kinds of foods the meticulous services in each part of activities made the whole annual meeting luxurious as well as delighting, which was praised by both the spons the customers.

      The Exhibition Center attached great imptance to made a proper plan f the holding of such large scale, same period, high peak, all-round event as the annual meeting of Xi’an Janssen, committed to address the dems of collective catering. Befe the meeting, the Center not only made exquisite arrangements f the gr congress hall of the main meeting-place, but also set a series of dinner spots at the banquet hall, the multi-functional hall lobbies; it exquisitely divided 14 subsidiary dinner spots, finished nearly 300 decated tables in advance. During the day of the activity, staff of the Center collabated together participated actively to rapidly finish the preparation of nearly 3,000 set meals f lunch 300 table meals f evening party. What’s wth mentioning is that the Exhibition Center launched a wholly new catering line to make Moslem foods accding to the specialty of the staff of Xi’an Janssen, respecting the religious faith of hundreds of employees. With the great attention perfect cooperation of various departments, the one-day annual meeting went on smoothly derly.

      Since its trial operation, the Center has attracted close attention from many industries fields with its newly built venues, novel ideals newly emerging areas. Owing to the exceptional advantageous resources of Yanqi Lake, the ecological development demonstration area, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center adheres to the managing idea of “exhibition+”, expling new path f the transfmation of exhibition industry: except the main business of conference exhibition, it also strengthens the cooperation with other fields including industrial institutes, spts recreation, wedding ceremonies, new product release so on, has made comprehensive attempts to build the Center into a destination f meetings of international associations, ecological recreational exhibitions, high-end automobile release conferences one-stop wedding ceremonies. Except daily management, the Exhibition Center also establishes close relations with large-scale companies of the surrounding areas, collects all kinds of ceremonious dems of different companies makes consultation at the first time, gradually growing into a pri destination of cpate annual meetings.
     The successful holding of the first company annual meeting launched the beginning of the “Company Annual Meeting Season” f Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. At the end of the year the beginning of the next year, many large companies have consulted businesses with the Center through different channels, me than ten annual celebration events have been surely to be held in the Center. Crespondingly, the Center has been well prepared, it is capable of integrating customized services in accdance with the types of companies the themes of annual meetings, which can fully satisfy various dems f conferences, catering, entertainment accommodations in annual events, allowing clients to relax themselves experience the wonderful amazing moments after a busy year’s wk.