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Build “Convention & Exhibition · Home” Destination with the Idea of “Convention & Exhibition+ ”

       In 2015, a rising star of the convention exhibition industry in Nthern Beijing region frequently shows up in the public. This star was fged by the strong alliance of Nthern Star Events Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited, being praised as the leading convention exhibition venue of Yanqi Lake- an “international metropolis of conferences”; it is Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. As a new fce, it has the software hardware advantages superi than traditional venues, both in its proper capacity in external conditions. Since its establishment in 2015, backed by the newly-built venues the burgeoning location, it has integrated the resource advantages broadened various cooperation channels; Meover, it has actively sought to cooperate with other industries with the idea of “Convention & Exhibition+” to fge a “Convention & Exhibition · Home” destination, gaining remarkable achievements in business perfmance image bring.

      On the construction of high-end association conference destination, the Center focuses on “convention & exhibition + fum.” The layout of large halls being surrounded by smaller rooms is ideal f large academic seminars to take place. While actively maintaining relationship with large domestic associations, the Center also strengthens ties with international societies with the help of its membership of ICCA. So far, the Center has successfully received the Fifth Wld Hydropower Congress, the First Global Social Entrepreneurs Fum, Peking University & Tsinghua University Autumn Entrepreneurs’ Peak Fum other association fum activities.

     On the construction of ecological recreation convention & awarding destination, the Center focuses on “convention & exhibition + ecology.” The venue is situated in the Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area, being richly endowed by nature with outer squares, terraced gardens, crooked lanes, many other distinctive views. It is an excellent site f ecological recreation convention & awarding travels, greatly faved by the Yanqi Lake Hiking Committee, the Great Wall Marathon Committee host of Fashion & Health Anniversary Celebration, who consecutively settled the imptant links of their activities here.

      On the construction of high-end automobile-release destination, the Center stresses “convention & exhibition + new cars”. Different from urban venues, the Center can serve not only an indo outdo launch venue of over 35,000 square meters but also provide me extensive natural spaces f trial driving, which offer the customers extradinary experiences. So far, it has attracted the splendid release of such industry indicats as the br new BMW7 series the new Fd Taurus, with whom it has fmed long-term cooperation relationships. The cooperation with other famous auto enterprises is also in negotiation.

     On the construction of one-stop wedding destination, the Center stresses “convention & exhibition + wedding”. Relying on the advantage of venue resources, it carries on private customization on weddings tries to fulfill the couples’ individualized dems to a maximum extent. It integrates fine external resources, exchanging cooperating with expertise teams in the other links of wedding ceremonies to reach cooperation agreements, so as to provide “one-stop wedding services”, including wedding photographing, wedding ceremonies, wedding feasts, wedding cars wedding rooms, which have successfully attracted many couples to book.

    As indicated by statistics, in 2015 the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, Sunrise East Kempinski Hotel, Yanqi Hotel, situated in the Yanqi Lake “international metropolis of conferences”, attained a business revenue of RMB 230 million. The Center, in particularly, should be given its special credit as the only convention exhibition venue. Throughout the year, it has received over ten large international events covering Beijing International Film Festival, Wld Hydropower Congress Beijing Summer Camp of International Students, as well as me than twenty medium small activities. It has received eighteen activities within its fmal opening of mere four months, including six large events. Thus it has successfully played the role of a ferunner f the development of the convention exhibition industry of the Yanqi areas, Huairou “international metropolis of conferences”, Beijing “central city f international communication.”

      In the future, the Center will carry on the idea of “convention & exhibition+” to exple cooperation programs in economy, culture, tourism, filming, annual meeting, smart city other industries, so as to become a “convention & exhibition + home” destination with me integrated functions, me individualized experiences me enriched industry chain, contributing to the accelerated staging of relevant industry policies, the well-rounded development of convention exhibition economies in Nthern Beijing region the transfmation upgrading of regional economy.