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Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Welcomes the Wave of Annual Meetings

       On December 16th, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center successfully received “the 2015 Annual Meeting of Xi’an Janssen- an OTC Cpation of China”, where me than 3000 staff honed guests were involved. The flexible collocation of different types of halls, the exquisite preparation of various kinds of foods the meticulous services in each part of activities made the whole annual meeting luxurious as well as delighting, which was praised by both the spons the customers. Meover, the annual meeting of Xi’an Janssen also marked the beginning of the undertaking of annual meetings by the Convention & Exhibition Center.

        On January 15th, it undertook the annual meeting of Samsung Telecom R&D Center; On the 19th, it undertook the annual meeting of a certain communication cpation of Beijing region; On the 21st, it undertook the annual meeting of Zeus Entertainment; On the 23rd, it undertook the CBC annual meeting; On the 27th, it undertook the 2015 Award Ceremony of Beijing Artron the Welcome Wine Party of 2016, as well as the cpate annual meeting of Voglass+ DC (Beijing)…… Extinguished international national cpations all chose Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center as the place to hold the imptant annual meetings. The Center welcomes a wave of holding annual meetings, even several meetings were held on the same day.

       Annual meeting has been regarded as the indispensable “gr meeting” each year by cpations institutes. To the ganizers of the cpate annual meetings, the choice of the holding place is quite essential, which should be artistic as well as practical f the meeting-holding, capable of relaxing the attenders at the same time.

      The sites f the holding of annual meetings include exhibition centers, conference centers, hotels, vocational villages, but why so many ganizers of annual meetings focus their attention on Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center? As with the increasing dems expectations of the ganizers f annual meetings, the holding place should also meet me me strict requirements. As one of the most comprehensive types of meetings in the conference market, the annual meeting includes conferences, perfmance, wine meetings, recreational delighting activities, delicacies, team building, accommodation so on, underlining the sense of enjoying. F numerous ganizers of the annual meeting, the site of their choice should be not only beautiful but also functional.
       After the stage-posing at the APEC conference, the Exhibition Center rapidly enters into people’s view. Depending on the role of Huairou as an “international metropolis of conferences” as well as the political advantages of the area, under the leading of the administrative team sent by National Convention Center, it rapidly grows into a bright star of the Nthern Beijing region, promoting the increasement development of the exhibition economy of the Nthern Beijing region to a great extent.

       The Exhibition Center owns unique classical qualities. Its appearance is wholly red, as if the reflection of the Hall of Prayer f Good Harvest of the Temple of Heaven. With the endless Yanshan Mountain, the beautiful Yanqi Lake, the Center is endowed with a sense of beauty. If you choose the place near the mountain as well as by the river to hold an annual party, you will feel like to be involved in a natural oxygen bar, roaming among the mountains as well as along the lake immersing into the beautiful scenery. As to the ganizers’ dems f outdo activities of the annual meeting, Nachuan Square Qinian Square can satisfy all the needs. A step further, the site of the venue locates in the ecological development demonstration area of Yanqi Lake; it has the most beautiful hiking route as well as the biggest ski rest of Beijing—Beijing Nth International Ski Rest, both of which can add endless pleasures to the annual meeting.
       As the recently finished comprehensive venue f exhibition, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center covers an area of structure of 79,000 square meters. It combines the functions of conference, exhibition, catering, hotel comprehensive suppting services. As the perfect gathering site of the post-APEC period, it attracts the attention of me me ganizers. The gr congress hall the banquet hall are the most faved meeting sites f the ganizers of annual meetings. With an area of 5,500 square meters a diameter of 84 meters, the gr congress hall is the biggest round hall without columns across Asia, which can satisfy the dem of the cpate annual meeting f accommodating 5000 people. Its flexible space f building is suitable f the construction of gr stage. The opening closing ceremonies of the Fifth Beijing International Film Festival was held here. The banquet hall of 2,000 square meters can be divided into 3 areas, the single one of which can receive a large-scale annual meeting with as many as 1,000 people, so as to satisfy customers’ dems to the highest extent. In addition, the Center also has a multifunctional hall as large as 2,000 square meters, me than 70 middle--small-sized meeting rooms, professional repting rooms equipped with audiovisual apparatus f top conferences, which are suppted with professional rooms f simultaneous interpretation so on to satisfy the service dems of different stard f annual meetings.

      In September, 66 boutique rooms of the Exhibition Center were fmally unveiled. They are constructed in the same structure with the Exhibition Center, which is the first example of this kind in China. Customers can realize the transferring of the site from the conference place to the hotel without stepping out of the construction, the convenience of which increases the enjoyable sense of the attenders. The complete apparatus of the hotel effectively solve the dem f accommodations during the annual meeting.

      In addition to the advantages in the aspect of hardware, the excellent software services of the Exhibition Center plays an imptant role in the construction of the destination f annual meetings, which largely increases the customers’ enjoyable sense. Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has a suppting kitchen system of 3,000 square meters, which can offer catering service f me than 5,000 people at the same time. The dishes combine the special foods of eastern western characteristics the local delicacies of Huairou. Accding to different dems, it can offer all kinds of services such as theme parties, set meals f banquets, cocktail parties, buffets, tea breaks, take-outs, business set meals box meals. Meover, the Yan Dinner Room which was promoted together with the boutique hotels also brings high-qualified experience of dinners f the customers. The administrative team from the National Convention Center transplants the mature administrative experience of National Convention Center, managing the dinners of conferences to the level of cpate ce sub-br, which is to achieve the double qualification authentication of ISO22000 HACCP.
      Annual meeting is the yearly “gr family conference” f cpations institutes. In der to highlight the concept of “family”, the Exhibition Center adheres to the wholly new idea of characteristic services of “family”, creating the atmosphere of ‘family’ offering services of “family” f the attenders, so as to enable each customer who steps into Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center to experience the warmth of “family”.

      Take the annual meeting of Xi’an Janssen as an example, the Exhibition Center attached great imptance to made a proper plan f the holding of such large scale, same period, high peak, all-round event, committed to address the dems of collective catering. Befe the meeting, the Center not only made exquisite arrangements f the gr congress hall of the main meeting-place, but also set a series of dinner spots at the banquet hall, the multi-functional hall lobbies. Befe the activity, it exquisitely divided 14 subsidiary dinner spots, finished nearly 300 decated tables in advance. During the day of the activity, staff of the Center collabated together participated actively to rapidly finish the preparation of nearly 3,000 set meals f dinner 300 table meals f evening party. What’s wth mentioning is that the Exhibition Center launched a wholly new dinner line to make Moslem foods accding to the specialty of the staff of Xi’an Janssen, respecting the religious faith of hundreds of employees.
      Owing the exceptional advantageous resources of Yanqi Lake, the ecological development demonstration area, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center adheres to the managing idea of “exhibition+”, expling new path f the transfmation of exhibition industry: except daily management, the Exhibition Center also establishes close relations with large-scale companies of the surrounding areas, collects all kinds of ceremonious dems of different companies makes consultation at the first time, gradually growing into a pri destination of cpate annual meetings. Except the main business of conference exhibition, it also strengthens the cooperation with other fields including industrial institutes, spts recreation, wedding ceremonies, new product release so on, has made comprehensive attempts to build the Center into a destination f meetings of international associations, ecological recreational exhibitions, high-end automobile release conferences one-stop wedding ceremonies.