NEWS >Headline Today: “Internet +” Joining Hs with “Exhibition +”

Headline Today: “Internet +” Joining Hs with “Exhibition +”

      On March 12, Beijing Yanxi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center held the gr ceremony of the “ByteDance 2015 Company Annual Meeting”. This “Internet +” company has been really popular in recent years. It has not only d the legend of “Headline Today APP”, but also received a roaring reputation inside outside the industry. The company’s innovation-driven culture made the entire event brimming with fresh flav both in the setting of the overall environment the contents of the annual meeting. Coincidentally, the “Internet +” thinking pattern perfectly confms with the “exhibition +” philosophy of the Center. In the Center, 2000 guests tasted various delicious food, experienced the gr venue, enjoyed the surrounding sceneries, received people-iented services as if they were at their own homes.

      Since it was the first time to cooperate with an established company in the Internet field, the Center valued the opptunity greatly. Right after the Spring Festival holiday, the Center arranged staff to contact the company immediately, which made the preparation f the annual meeting event really pleasant. At the very beginning, having learnt about the spons’s preference of the setting, the Center offered many suggestions made detailed cooperative plans so as to codinate with various departments satisfy the spons’s dems. There were 24 flag-poles on two sides of the main entrance where rose the flag of the company. Eye-catching products logo were put at the Entrance A; after entering the venue, a gallery of its histy review would jump into visits’ eyes. Every single space inside the venue was fully utilized. All the unique design made the Center the home field of the spons.
     All the preparations were undergoing smoothly. Adjustments of some small details from the spons were satisfied by the Center; however, new circumstance appeared at the beginning of March. The spons iginally planned to take the whole big assembly hall as the main venue f the annual meeting to hold a cocktail party, all previous preparations were carried out accding to this idea. Unexpectedly, the number of attendees changed dramatically, so the spons would like the annual meeting the dining to be held separately. At the same time, they preferred the transition distance as sht as possible. Crespondingly, they turned to the staff of the Center f a new plan. As one can imagine, this change offered very limited time f the Center who was supposed to redesign the reception plan readjust the wk of every department. Naturally, all the pressure was transferred to the Center.
      However, pressure also brings about motivation. The Center adjusted the reception plan at once through dividing the entire big assembly hall with an area of 5500 square meters into two parts: one part being the conference area f the annual meeting the other part being the dining area. Meover, the Center used the circle crid outside the hall as the tea break area. In this way, the Center satisfied the spons’s preference of “separating dining from conference”, reduced the time to transit from one venue to another as well. Me imptantly, the plan saved places resources. It turned out that this process proved itself on the very day of the event. The ggeous lights effects on the spot, the unconventional procedure, together with the seamless connection in every session the professional services of the staff from the Center, especially the concentrated tea break f over one thous of people, were all  highly recognized complimented by the spons.

      The successful holding of this annual meeting marked the ending of the “Company Annual meeting Season” of the Center from December of last year to March this year. During this period, piles of annual meetings were held here, which perfectly demonstrated the “Exhibition + Annual meetings” in the marketing thinking of “Exhibition +”. It not only brought lucrative income f the Center, achieved a fantastic start f the year of 2016, but also stimulated the development of suppting services f the conference exhibitions such as accommodation, catering entertainment in winter in Yanqi Lake area, effectively relieved the regional economic sht board during the slack season f tourism in the Nthern Beijing region. The slack season is not bleak anyme; instead, it made profits. Obviously, this is also the inheritance development of the management philosophy of China National Convention Center, Nth Star Events in the Yanqi Lake area. 

      In this new year, the management team of the Center will customize the philosophy of Nth Star Events in accdance with its own characteristics through taking initiative in building multiple themes marketing months, such as “Exhibition + Films” Film Month, “Exhibition + Wedding” Wedding Month “Exhibition + New Products” New Products Release Month to attract me cooperation in me fields provide me people-iented services f each event. The Center is dedicated to establish itself as an Exhibition · Home destination which activates the codinative development of various industries in this region.