NEWS > “Enjoyment & Beyond Imagination”- Luxury Auto-Enterprises’ Auto-Release Destination

“Enjoyment & Beyond Imagination”- Luxury Auto-Enterprises’ Auto-Release Destination

     On the warm night of March 18, five br new cars in the domestic auto-industry were simultaneously released in a non-exhibition period. These cars have different ientations, sales points tactics from celebrity endsers, among which, however, the Mercedes-Benz V-class, launched in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, is the most eye-catching, no matter in the attention paid to the brs internet hits. On the one h, it is due to the appearance, internal decation sense of luxury of the new V-class cars from Fujian Benz, while on the other h it is because the launch venue being chosen is Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, which has already held several large domestic events. 
      This is another luxury auto-enterprise br that the Center welcomed after its successful hosting of remarkable perfmances in the release of BMW 7 Fd Taurus. That night, witnessed by over 700 well-known media, stars, endsement partners fans, the br new Benz V-Class luxury multi-functional car accomplished its first launch show of “Enjoyment & Beyond Imagination”. Lights flashed in this magnificent indo venue also the days of misty weather outdos turned sunny overnight. The venue, situated among mountains waters combining Chinese Han-Tang cultures modern technological facilities with somewhat legendary col, has been faved by several wld luxury auto-enterprises global car fans within five months, thus accelerating the fmation of an excellent “launch destination” fged by the Yanqi Lake Ecological Demonstration Zone with the Center taking the lead.

     The launch of new cars has extradinary meanings to an auto-enterprise, especially f the host Fujian Benz, who received unprecedented attention from the media the public as it is undergoing an alteration of stock ownership structure. The whole launch event succeeded the rigousness of German craftsmanship a pursuit of comftable enjoyment from the Daimler Group, by which Fujian Benz is owned. The Center, as the host venue, has not only done its best to meet various detailed rigous convention requirements of the sponss’ but also exerted its professionalism initiatives to directly have in-depth contact with end customers. Without relying on any third-party platfm, from August 2015 it began to have initiative contact with the customer owner group in der to have a well-rounded knowledge of production plans, product ientations, target markets promotion strategies of Benz to have pri involvements, anticipation of dems, initiative marketing timely following-up services, winning recognition from both the sponss the Daimler Group.


      In the earlier period of the event, the Center actively exhibited its comprehensive strength innovation, codinating the sponss to offer an event execution plan that is as scientific reasonable as possible also “beyond imagination”, in accdance with the features of the venue rooms. Each detail had gone through several rounds of discussions by sponss the host venue, no matter it is the venue planning in the earlier stage site design lights acoustics, cocktail party, even the entry of cars, temperature controlling VIP routes. What is wth mentioning is the highly creative dinner in the cocktail party, which was attentively prepared by the management team to use cooking ingredients methods from German with a combination of the features of Chinese cuisine. After several trial dining from invited guests timely adjustments, the dinner met the dining habits of the sponss its owner group most of the guests.
      Just two weeks befe the release conference, as the design plan f the venue needed to be re-adjusted due to some reasons, the different links of the procedures in the Center also needed alteration accdingly. Within ten days, different departments did their best to modify the wks in building the conference site, testing ceiling lights, arranging the routes, checking security plans, entry of cars VIPs, placing adjusting night lamps. One week befe the event, the Center also offered the sponss a whole set of high-end conference service program covering venue services, buffets business dinner accessy high-quality hotel accommodation. On the day of the event, the Center won unanimous praises from the sponss participant guests as well as media with its efficient, professional, innovative individualized services in the conference, catering, hotel, engineering, security other links.

      Relying on its heaven-granted natural resources, humanistic technological facilities, management ideas with international criteria as well as attentive innovative whole-chain services, the Center has achieved a “double good start” both in project activities business profits, fming close partnership relations with several sponss whose events have taken place are about to take place winning favable remarks from the customers within the industry. With the enrichment of business fms, increasing diversity of marketing growth further strengthening of the operation team’s management of the br, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center will continue to better its marketing concept of “Conference & Exhibition +”, by using the theme marketing months such as “Conference & Exhibition + New Product Release”, “Conference & Exhibition + Film”, “Conference & Exhibition + Wedding”, “Conference & Exhibition + Recreation” to spur on the common development of the Yanqi Lake Ecological Demonstration Zone do its best to fge a br new “Conference & Exhibition + Home” destination.