NEWS >Re-embracing the Gr Opening of Beijing International Film Festival, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Set off the National Film Television Cultural Feast

Re-embracing the Gr Opening of Beijing International Film Festival, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Set off the National Film Television Cultural Feast

      The bank of Yanqi Lake is star-studded, which makes Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center the global spotlight again. On the evening of April 16, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center ushered in the gr opening of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival (the Festival). This is another spring date of the Center with the Festival after the previous year. In the meantime, this is also a rendezvous after the Festival located itself in the Center permanently. On the very day, hundreds of domestic international influential stars including Natalie Ptman, Chow Yun Fat, Lee MinHo, Liu Ye, Yao Chen Tang Yan presented the gr event. Within such a homelike venue, they pushed the national film television cultural feast to a climax with thouss of media staff, fans audience in a wonderful spring day.

       Frequent Highlights & Upgraded Services
      It’s the same Festival the same Center; however, they presented a different fantastic cultural feast with frequent highlights together. 
Highlight One: The most flamboyant red carpet ceremony opening ceremony were as eye-catching as usual, being held in the main entrance of the Center the gr assembly hall respectively. Naturally, these two areas became the star-studded most popular spotlights, flooding with shutter sounds of the media screaming of fans.
      Highlight Two: the gr ballroom where stars prepare themselves the crid cocktail area were relatively private places where stars were able to enjoy the delicate cuisines cocktail, receive interviews conduct communications. In addition, the chairs in the preparation area were laid in the shape of a windmill with seven leaves in different cols. The windmill is the LOGO of the festival it vividly demonstrated the theme “enjoying the best film festival in Beijing in spring”.
      Highlight Three: the “films review” session was held inside the Center f the first time. During the festival, 15 nominated films were reviewed by the judging panel in No. 2 Auditium which is equipped with professional cutting-edge audio visual devices, among which various branches of “Tiantan Award” would come into being.
      The essence demonstrates itself in great details. This year, the Center upgraded the considerate services f the media the wking staff. The Center set service areas in each flo six “power stations” to provide three types of complimentary desserts two types of complimentary drinking f the personnel, enabling them to get refreshed in their busy wk. Meover, six “phone charge stations” scattered in imptant passageways were highly appreciated by all of the staff. Subsequently, the exclusive interview area where was condensed with staff the red carpet media area where the media staff waited were equipped with drinking water, paper cups mobile restrooms, which made people feel comftable considerate. What’s me, the hotel in the Center which was officially operated in September last year also provided services f the stars honed guests f the first time during the festival, which allowed them to enjoy delicate cozy rest environment without setting outside of the Center. “Convention & Exhibition · Home”, the Center is dedicated to creating a warm homelike environment f every guest. Undoubtedly, it fully demonstrated itself during the festival.

      Green Garden & Exquisite Cuisine 
      This year, the star cocktail party that drew the public’s attention was characterized by the style of “Green Garden”. In the ggeous spacious crid, the bright French windows allowed people to fully enjoy the outdo splendid spring scenery. Coupled with the exquisite cuisines in the shape of tall green plants cooked with ganic materials, stars felt themselves living in the fantastic spring views.
The film decation elements that match the theme of the festival, the sugar figurine golden statuette decations that crespond to the theme of “Tiantan Award”, the stylish trays that were customized by the Convention & Exhibition Center, the mouthwatering, delicate cuisines, ect. were all attentively planned prepared by the service personnel.
       Meanwhile, on the other side of the crid, the self-purchasing dining area prepared f the guests, audience media staff not only provided drinks, snacks fast food, but was also equipped with 16 sets of coffee tables desks so as to provide me rest room f them. 
The desserts fruits in the preparation area were also highly spoken of by the guests stars. What’s me, the efficient, professional considerate services were unanimously praised by the media the wking staff.

      Br Extension & Powerful Combination
      Beijing International Film Festival is a high-end market-iented film-themed event famous f its international, professional, innovative, open characteristics. After six years of development, it has grown as a token of Beijing, its br influence are increasing extending year by year. It has been on the list of the most charismatic film festivals in the wld. Likewise, the Center is also a building complex that combines Chinese traditional culture modern high technologies. After a year of operation, it has grown as the most influential lmark venue br in the nthern part of Beijing.
The opening closing ceremony of the Festival has located itself in the Center permanently. Another crucial project is the Film Carnival. During that period, the hotel of the Center together with the main conference venue, namely the Yanqi Lake Scenic region cooperated presented various special offers. They launched “Film Television Experience Month”, with the intention to allow me film amateurs to participate in the 6th film festival to build a film television cultural feast that benefits the people.
      With the powerful combination, it will definitely contribute to the development of film festivals build the festival into a me influential iconic cultural feast. The successful holding of the opening ceremony makes people look fward to the closing ceremony in 23rd when various branch awards of the “Tiantan Award” will be revealed. Let’s looking fward to the following presented stars other highlights in the Center!