NEWS >The “Temple of Heaven Award” Announcedin the “Reflection of the Temple of Heaven”

The “Temple of Heaven Award” Announcedin the “Reflection of the Temple of Heaven”

     In the evening of April 23rd, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center experienced the successful closing ceremony of the Sixth Beijing International Film Festival. In the Exhibition Center that has been praised as the “reflection of the Temple of Heaven”, witnessed by me than 2000 stars, visits fans, ten awards of “the Temple of Heaven” were announced; ten golden statuettes found their owners, which enabled the name of Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center to appear on various kinds of media, dominating the top of the headlines.
     Against the background of the majestic dreamful venue, all the gods goddesses were glowing with extradinary charms, which refreshed the red carpet of the starlight immediately. Surprise frequently staged in the magnificent gr main assembly room, the announcement of each award was exciting. The venue of high degree of suitability the services of high level pushed the social attention of the festival into a climax made it the most extradinary scenery in the spring of Yanqi Lake.

      Beijing International Film Festival: Totally Surmounting the Past Ones Reaching a New Histical Height
      As indicated by the official data, compared with the past ones, this year’s film festival has fully surpassed previous ones reached a new histical height no matter in the aspects of the honed guests’ class, the scale of the media repts, the amount of the founded invested projects the quality of the exhibited movies, as to the number of the watchers. The parts of the opening closing ceremonies were especially outsting, where an accumulative total of me than 4,000 people were involved, reaching rapidly onto the list of hot topics. Many mainstream channels broadcasted simultaneously, among which the audience rating of BTV surmounted the average rating of 31 provincial TVS of the same broadcasting period (not including BTV) with a high rating of nearly 72%. During the best period f the development of Chinese films, the strong growing ability pursuing speed of Beijing International Film Festival make great contribution f the Chinese film market to surpass that of Nth America by the end of 2017, becoming the biggest film market across the wld.

       Exhibition Center: the Most Agreeable “Dream Partner”
      As the most agreeable “dream partner” f Beijing International Film Festival, the Exhibition Center successively finished the suppting wks of three imptant parts: the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony the review of films. From preparation to full operation of Beijing International Film Festival, the Exhibition Center only spent me than 20 days, involving me than 300 professional staff to operate on their posts. Me than 70 large-, middle- small-sized conference rooms compartments, me than 60 customer rooms of the hotel, outer space of millions of square meters were all put into use, fully ensuring the successive operation of each part of the film festival. Statistic shows that on the day of the opening ceremony, from mning to evening, the Exhibition Center accumulatively welcomed me than 4,000 visits, satisfied the dems f catering of 6,000 people, winning the praise from all sects of society.
Such achievements are indispensable with the contribution of each member of the team. Accding to incomplete statistics, at the day of the opening the closing ceremony, the average step number of the staff of the Exhibition Center reached 20,000, among which the highest even reached nearly 60,000. Befe during the day of the opening the closing ceremony, overnight suppts were guaranteed on several key posts of the Exhibition Center…The statistic details show how the Exhibition Center wked hard to “ensure the dream of the Film Festival”, the committee of Beijing International Film Festival was also moved by the spirit of the administrative layer the whole serving staff of the Center, praising heartily that the Exhibition Center was a “ dream partner”.

      Exhibition Center Beijing International Film Festival: “the Boat of Friendship” Is Too Firm to Overthrow
     The cooperative staging of the Exhibition Center Beijing International Film Festival in this year is the second one completed cooperatively by them. During the cooperation of two years, the two sides have built deep friendship. Huairou District, where the Exhibition Center locates, also pays great attention to the industries of film exhibition, which promotes the choice of the Exhibition Center as the permanent center f the opening closing ceremonies of Beijing International Film Festival. From last Beijing International Film Festival, the committee has been quite satisfied with the suppting wks of the Exhibition Center, it has sent many letters of thanks f the wks of the sites suppts, while the team of the Exhibition Center keeps close relation with the committee, extends the relationship to other subjective activities other than the opening closing ceremonies, so as to deepen the cooperation of the two sides in this year exploit the advantage of alliance between strong enterprises to the full.
     The multiplied increasing effect is embodied primarily in the complimentary advantages f both sides in br promotion: by deeply participating into the Beijing International Film Festival, through the channels of live broadcasting of the opening closing ceremonies, pre-movie adverts befe the exhibition, the exhibition posts of the films in the market the pamphlets of the official materials so on, the Exhibition Center achieved the fullest promotion of the br image of the venue. On the basis of the persistent long-term effts of the Exhibition Center local government in the aspects of promoting industry of film culture “the international metropolis of films”, except the holding period in April, Beijing International Film Festival also achieved popularity coverage rate f longer time, larger extent bigger platfm. Especially f the reason that the Exhibition Center is the most extinguished comprehensive construction f large-scale exhibition in the Nthern Beijing region, its constructed communicative platfm realizes me connection interaction between film festival other activities as well as movie industry other areas, excellently realizing the win-win advantageous situation among the administrats, sponss, site-owners, participats so on.
     After the closing ceremony of the Sixth Beijing International Film Festival, the peak period f traveling in the outskirts of Beijing is also around the cner, so the area of Yanqi Lake will become the concentration again, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center will also become the pri destination f holiday travels. The Exhibition Center timely promotes the marketing campaign of “the theme month of films”, immersing various elements of film culture in the details of catering, accommodation services so on. Would you like to experience the same kind of service with the stars? Welcome to Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center!