NEWS >The “1+1>2” Effect of “Convention & Exhibition + Film Culture”

The “1+1>2” Effect of “Convention & Exhibition + Film Culture”

      One is as sour as raw plums; while the other is as fresh delicate as sprouts. However, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center the Beijing International Film Festival encountered each other in this manner. Since they are both at the very beginning phase they need to suppt each other, wise managers hence proposed the philosophy of “Convention & Exhibition + Film Culture” so that the Center the Festival - the representative of film television culture in Beijing area - are capable of depending on each other grow up together. 
      The “1+1>2” effect of Convention & Exhibition + Film Culture is the prerequisite of their mutual growth. As the holding venue f the Festival, the Center functions as a proper window f the release promotion of Beijing film television culture. At the same time, in view of the star-studded festival, the Center can harvest me selling points enjoy the promotion of br value d by the festival.   Having attempted cooperation twice accumulated experience, both parties have reached some tacit cooperative agreements.
      The 6th Beijing International Film Festival was successfully held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center from April 16 to 23 harvested high appraises from all walks of life. Of course, as the venue of this gr event, the Center contributed a great share in providing service logistics. It is no wonder that the famous direct Flian Henckel-Donnersmarck, one of the members in the judging panel commented in the closing ceremony: “In the past week, we enjoyed the imperial hospitality.”

      After the successful closing of Beijing International Film Festival, the fav in films televisions didn’t fade away in the Center. With the operating philosophy of “Convention & Exhibition + Film Culture”, various activities in the film television theme month were presented. In April 28, the 2016 Chinese Philanthropy Award Ceremony was held in the Center. Superstars like Huang Xiaoming, Simon Yam, Charlene Choi, Kathy Chau all presented the red carpet participated in the splendid good deeds. In April 30, a bunch of “starlets” in the “Parent-Child Experience Activity among Mountains Water in Huairou District” came to the Center. The kids not only visited the main venue of the Beijing International Film Festival experienced their first red carpet show in their life, but also got small gifts given by the Center—a duplicated plate of the sugar figurine “Tiantan Award” Trophy. They showed confident smiles like the superstars. During the Lab Day golden week period, the Center also released a series of characteristic activities with the selling point of the Beijing International Film Festival, such as “accommodating the suits in the same style of stars”, “tasting the dining in the same style of stars” “entertaining Huairou Film Television field”, which pushed the film television theme month to a new high. 

       Similarly, as the only large-scale professional convention & exhibition center in Huairou District, the Center crespondingly needs to assume great part of the responsibility to promote the local film television culture. Since its establishment, the Center has made obvious achievements. The distinctive advantages of the Center have not only enriched the industry chain including shooting, production, release promotion of films televisions in Huairou District, me imptantly, they have also allowed international friends who attended the festival to have a wonderful impression towards the film television cultural industry, the specific scale of the industry the wking environment in Huairou District as a result of the high-quality services during the Beijing International Film Festival. Without any doubt, the fantastic impression is a crucial element to launch cooperation. It is predictable that in the future under the promotion of the Center as a window, there will be me investment projects concerning film television cultural industry located in Huairou District where it is abound with natural beautiful sceneries. What will follow the prosperity will be the development of suppting industries related to film television culture such as tourism, catering, accommodation shopping. Furtherme, it will develop to a complete industrial cluster with the pillar of film television industry.

       The contempary time is an era with the trend of integration. Through integration, entities can obtain inspiration fast, access to me resources, learn new techniques achieve new breakthroughs. On the basis of inheriting developing the advanced Convention & Exhibition philosophy of Nth Star Events, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center advocated the management idea of “Convention & Exhibition + Film Culture”, which is an inevitable result of adjusting to the industrial development resource integration. In the meantime, the Center also received tremendous suppt from Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co., Ltd. In particular, the 6th Film Festival d me facilitating conditions f a deeper wider integration. Admittedly, this kind of integration is still in the starting trial stage, but it’s of great potential will certainly yield great fruits. Meover, the explation of other surrounding advantageous resources like “automobile culture”, “wedding planning”, “ecological conservation” “slow leisure” is also under further enrichment perfection. In the future, the Center will witness me me cooperative results of the “1+1>2” pattern.