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“Convention & Exhibition + Automobile Culture” Constructing A New Type of Win-win Business

      The recent hot TV series Ode to Joy has attracted numerous audiences with its elabate production has become a hot topic f dinner conversations. Apart from highlights such as acts actresses’ physical appearance, family backgrounds, hidden rules in the wkplace, various cars frequently appeared in the TV series also served as a foil to demonstrate the acts actresses’ unique temperament, which can be seen as the icing on the cake f the entire TV series.
      Since the first universally acknowledged car came out, cars have not only changed the traditional ways of traveling of human beings, but also improved people’s quality of life. By 2015, the automobile output in China has reached over 20 million, covering both international famous brs like BMW, Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen lots of fast-rising domestic automobile brs.
      As f an automobile enterprise an automobile br, to keep its feet in intense competitions, lots of parts in the entire industry chain need to be consolidated step by step. Apart from the precise market investigation at the very beginning, the investment on developing researching products, the quality guarantee of hardware in the assembly line, the debut of new cars release conference is also a valuable opptunity to gather people, demonstrate strength exp markets. Simply in terms of release conference, it is admitted that the scale, guests procedures are of crucial imptance, but a fantastic venue can also place embroidery upon silk since a good venue can offer some unconstrained space f a fabulous release idea a hit f the debut of new cars. Furtherme, it can improve the additional value of the br, stimulate enthusiasm of market consumption increase sales in the preliminary stage.

      In Beijing there is such a popular magical venue. Since the debut, it has fged a new predestination with various big automobile brs. In October 2015, BMW’s latest 7-series model was grly released in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. The event shocked the entire automobile industry both by the dazzling new cars the cultural appeal humanistic charm of the Center itself. The perfect integration of their top strengths made the release conference a hot topic rapidly. With the continuous fermentation of the hot topic, luxury cars such as Fd New Generation Taurus Mercedes-Benz V-Class became cooperative partners with the Center successively. Together, they presented stunning characteristic release conferences f the new cars, which embraced high attention of the industry harvested sound market recognition selling.  
      Subsequently, the model function of the leading enterprise in the automobile industry has been validated. Me me relevant events in the industry chain chose this Center as its priity f holding events, including new cars release, motspts, dealers assembly new car test drive, so on. In March 2016, the 8th Foton Ollin Chinese Le Mans Light Truck Gr Touring was launched in the Center; in May, “Hanteng”—a br new automobile br set sail in the Center, the “2015 Kada Conference—Chinese  Automobile Dealers Group Top 100” was released in the Center. In this year, events like Rally Champion, Vintage Car Test Drive, Br Centennial Celebration have located themselves in the Center. Through the multiple infiltration of the whole industry chain, together with its operation team, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has become an “Event Partner” who knows the rules cultures in the automobile industry. 

     The advantages of “Event Partner” in the Center not only demonstrate themselves in the quantity of receiving events, but also the high-quality hardware facilities the service abilities which are the determinants to attract events in the automobile industry. In terms of software facilities, the Center not only spent large amount of money setting up hydraulic lift tables f vehicles to enter inside conveniently, but also equipped itself with a round gr assembly hall that is non-pillar separable with 5500 square meters; coupled with other professional halls rooms, it fully satisfied the dems of various automobile events. In terms of software services, the professional team provides customized service f dems like theme catering accommodation in view of different themes presents the best personalized effect. Meover, the outdo space can show the featured advantages of the Center me directly. The beautiful sceneries in the Yanqi Lake, the natural water clouds offer a me ecological environment f the outdo display new car test drive. Me imptantly, the Center possesses characteristics of both classic culture modern technology, which match perfectly with the cultural philosophy of the contempary automobile industry.

     Then, on the special platfm of the Center, the “Convention & Exhibition + Automobile Culture” philosophy was fmed. This is me than simple addition, but rather a profound integration. It is a cooperative agreement reached after several explations between these two industries. From the perspective of the development of the industry, after hundreds of years’ development, the automobile industry has preliminarily completed the layout of capacity expansion, the “turning point” from scale expansion to connotation development is approaching. In recent years, the prosperous development of the domestic international convention & exhibition industry has been verified by one another venues whose scales are constantly setting new recds. To improve the coefficient of utilization of venues the capacity of making profits is just the “connotation development” pattern that the convention & exhibition industry needs to adjust. 

     Located in the nthern part of Beijing, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has gradually grown into a representative venue, offering rich soil f the nurturing of the “Convention & Exhibition + Automobile Culture” philosophy the fming of a new lmark in the industry. With the attraction of this philosophy, there will be me than 20 events covering the whole automobile industry chain to be held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. Crespondingly, the Center will strive to improve the additional value of the event f every cooperative partner in the automobile industry. In the meantime of enjoying the unimaginable experience, the Center will insist on developing itself in a self-cultivated way stride the first step to refm the supply of two industries.