NEWS >Huabiao Film Awards Presented at Yanqi Lake Another Reunion f the Chinese Film Makers

Huabiao Film Awards Presented at Yanqi Lake Another Reunion f the Chinese Film Makers

      The Huabiao Film Awards were unveiled after a three-years term. On June 24, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center hosted the ceremony of the 16th Chinese Huabiao Film Awards, introduction of the new fces in Chinese film industry recommendation of principal films f commemating the 95th anniversary of the PRC. 68 movie teams, over 300 superstars many influential figures in the film industry attended this ceremony, including Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Chow Yun-fat, Ge You, Huang Bo, Xu Ke, Ding Sheng, Ning Hao, Guang Hu Liu Zhenyun, catching the eyeballs of numerous media fans.

      The Chinese film-makers fans around the wld all cast their attention here, witnessing the announcement of 20 awards the surging new fces in the Chinese film industry. This was the second powerful cooperation of the Center with a maj film event, after the perpetual settling of Beijing International Film Festival, was another gr movie feast taking place on the bank of the Yanqi Lake this year.  

       All the Awards Unveiled, with a Gr Ceremony
       Different from previous ones, this ceremony was fmed of three parts, the awarding ceremony, the introduction of new fces in the Chinese film industry homage to the 95th anniversary of the PRC. In the principal convention hall filled will cinematographic elements, the owners of the awards were much focused, among which the Best Act Best Actress were won by Andy Lau Bai Baihe. While in the introduction of new fces, dozens of new films were introduced with various strategies to compete f the summer market, leaving the audience in dazzling expectation. In the homage to the 95th anniversary of the PRC, 9 principal films brought the audience back to the road of the party’s development advanced the whole ceremony to a climax.
The Huabiao Film Awards, representing the highest prize in the Chinese film industry, settled in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center f the first time promoted the passion f movie cultures of the Yanqi Lake. The main venue is the gr convention hall with a round area of 5,500 square meters, boosting the effects of the lights dancing in the ceremony to an excellent level, with a design of extensive eyesight in the ceiling. The circular design of the dinning hall in the preparaty venue injects a stronger sense of ritual to the event it was greatly praised by the sponss.

      Update of Services to Match the Theme of the Occasion
      It posed greater requirements to the Center to serve such a large film ceremony f a second time, requiring it to maintain high criteria of services perfm some special features. Thus, the Center communicated several times with sponss to have an in-depth analysis of the themes of the occasion requirements f special links. As a result, it offered premium services on that day became another delighting sight apart from the ceremony itself.
On that day, the Center put into use all of its halls rooms, equipped with all the staff, to fully ensure the basic requirements covering venue, dining hotel f the occasion. It also integrated the concept of “Convention & Exhibition· Home” into the details of its services. F instance, “power station” offered coffee tea to the staff f free, “phone charging station” provided free charging services, “media station” “party pioneering station” also played an imptant role, the sales areas considerately served icy drinks. The heated cocktail party also attracted some stars to linger, with its western Chinese delicacies decated with cy cups of the Huabiao awards an integration into the theme of the ceremony combined by the setting sun after the rain outside of the glass screen walls, leaving all the guests in appreciation of the beautiful scenery.

      What wths mentioning is that the Center added several wireless netwk devices based on the full coverage of wireless Internet inside the venue, after considering the media’s intense dem f netwk services, as the Huabiao Awards used “M+N” promotion pattern, in which nine other media had webcast besides CCTV 6’s live broadcasting. In this way, not only the external live media fans enjoyed better Internet services but also the audience rating of the ceremony was well ensured. As showed in official statistics, this Huabiao ceremony d a histical recd both on its audience rating on the attention it received.

       Strengthening Br Impact the Economy
      The Beijing International Film Festival took place in Spring while the Huabiao Awards in Autumn. In 2016, the Center successfully hosted the two influential film events built up a remarkable br image in this sect. It was faved by me releases of new films, reality shows, celebrity endsement release conferences, vocal concerts other relevant events. The significance of the events themselves was also increased as to take place find a view in such a rising destination of movie cultures. Meanwhile, the Center also gained me cooperation partners larger platfms due to its successful hosting of these events. Reciprocity benign cycling development strengthened the br impact of the Center in the sect of “Convention & Exhibition+ Film Cultures”.
Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, situated in the International Convention Capital of Yanqi Lake, enjoys better preconditions to be a convention incentive travel destination to fge a small-town economy, with the overall planning of its owner Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co., Ltd., excellent natural resources professional convention exhibition venues affiliated facilities. The long-term concentrated development of regional film cultures their relevant industries, plus the starry sales points of film festival occasions, will promote the br values f the “1+3” development pattern of Huairou District in the 13th Five-year Plan Period as well as the “International Film Capital” “International Convention Capital” relevant industries. Meanwhile, they will open a new chapter f the broadening of business patterns enrichment of the industry chain f the Beijing Enterprises Group.