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New Site, New Pattern, New Way, New Gains

       In July’s mid-summer day, the 27th 28th of the month witnessed the successful holding of the global conference exhibition industry’s efficient B2B meeting event- the 6th Expo Project Fair f International Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as EPFIC 2016). Me than 1,100 attendees participated in the conference including policy-makers regulats of conference industry from local governments, experts from industrial societies, conference specialty schools, experts from related industries friends from domestic feign media in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center.
      The B2B meeting was hosted by China International Conference Exhibition magazine China Mechanic Vehicle Exhibition Association co-hosted by Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. This was the first time that EPFIC moved out of downtown to Huairou District in the Nthern Beijing region. As the ganizer venue provider of the meeting, the Center assumed two identities thus its responsibility also doubled. The Center participated in the entire preparation process, provided all-rounded professional conference services to the B2B meeting- showcasing the first class hardware facility professional operation management capability to the guests from global conference exhibition industry. Embodying the spirit of craftsmanship, the concept of “Conference & Exhibition · Home” was perfectly demonstrated in the above way.

      New Site Arousing me Passion
      After six years of development, the EPFIC exped both in scale in the types of activities. Me than 1,100 guests presented this year’s meeting, which was recd-breaking aroused the passion of the participants.
      This year was the first year that EPFIC left downtown moved to Huairou District that possessing beautiful natural environment, finally chose Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center as its new site. The reason was not only that “Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Zone” was known to the wld f holding the 2014 APEC infmal leader’s meeting, but also its high-quality hardware facility professional venue management capability passed repeated investigation of the hosts. The management team of Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center was from the Nth Star Events, a seasoned company that was praised as the No.1 Conference Company in the Capital. Moving EPFIC from the National Convention Center of Nth Star Events to Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center granting the Center the identity of co-host f further cooperation, the hosts trusted the Center because they recognized the management capability of the Nth Star Events over its expted br. Furtherme, holding such a professional, high level influential meeting project in Huairou District would undoubtedly promote the status of Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center in the conference exhibition business circle both at home abroad actively also boost the healthy development of conference   economy in Huairou District. 

      New Pattern of “One Plus me” Facilitating me Cooperation
      EPFIC 2016 was a huge platfm, providing venues f international exhibition that focused on dialogue efficiency, feseeing discussion of the future direction of China’s conference economy that was participated by experts scholars, face to face business meeting of professional buyers suppliers from the industrial chain as well as dialogues among enterprise representatives from different part of the industrial chain both domestically internationally. EPFIC 2016 had me than 100 VIP guests, over 300 specially invited buyers me than 800 audiences. As the participation pattern was new, the host decided to adopt a “one plus me” model f the meeting: one main fum themed Igniting the New Growth Points under One Belt One Road Initiative, plus 23 promotion events sub-fums featuring tourism, expt exhibition, employment, conference education, conference industry marketization, going public M&A, Conference & Exhibition+ Internet, venue operation.
      The main fum needed to realize the two dems of conference exhibition, while the sub-fms needed appropriately located venues. The Center not only actively responded to the dem of venues, but proposed reasonable suggestions on the designing of meeting agenda in the preparation period- taking the banquet hall of 2,000 square meters as the main hall f conference exhibition the 30 nearby medium small meeting rooms can meet different dems of venues f sub-fums, promotion event, VIP room ganizer office. In the meantime, the sales managers planned appropriate route f guests to attend meetings, take a rest, have meals commute. Through its advantageous layout meticulous conference services, the Center d an easy direct communication venue f the buyers suppliers of different roles in different links of EPFIC. The Center extended the experience of “Conference & Exhibition · Home” to the hosts all the guests. Thanks to the “face-to-face” marketing method, EPFIC this year achieved a recd-breaking number of signed projects.

      New Way Leading to Efficient Communication Method
      Instead of traditional way of participating in meetings, such as exchanging name cards, giving houts, listening to lectures, the guests of the two-day EPFIC 2016 experienced many new things about conference exhibition in the “Internet +” era.
      Starting from registration, an adable registration robot attracted people’s attention. Relying on the universal WiFi netwk in the Center, the high tech robot integrating intelligent audio technology, face recognition technology human-machine technology brought a new way of registration. After registration, the guests received group sending text messages from the ganizer immediately, telling them imptant infmation like meetings, transptation, dining accommodation, which was a good way to reduce the printing hing out of paper conference instructions.
       In the follow-up meetings, several conference destination city promotion events were held. Representatives from governments enterprises of Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Yiwu Yanqing adopted new promotion methods like folk art perfmance, craftsmanship presents of city characteristics to impress the specially invited buyer group with their city their professional conference facilities. The Center together with its superintendent—the Administrative Committee of Yanqi Lake Ecological Demonstration Zone held a media promotion event featuring “Conference & Exhibition + Conference & Exhibition  · Home”. At the same time, the Center also actively participated in the dialogue of Conference center operation cooperation sub fum. Through online interaction, online demonstration material downloading, the sub fums attracted a lot of participation. Under the suggestion of guests, they also d WeChat groups f future communication updating new materials, which were efficient bridges between the buyers the suppliers.

      It’s notewthy that the high level cocktail buffet held named after the Center in the evening of the 27th was a new way to comprehensively promote the hardware software capability of the venue, creating a highly efficient way f the communication between the Center potential customers. The splendid exteri lighting indulged the guests in the lake-side night view. Changing the gathering venue from the 1,000 people scale classroom like meeting hall to the 1,000 people scale cocktail buffet, dozens of procedures including evacuation, clearing up, setting, decation, adjusting lighting stereo cuisine preparation were all done within 3 hours, fully demonstrating the qualified banquet service ability of the Center. Delicate dessert, wldwide cuisine, various fruits vegetables the attentive services were all proofs of the reception capability of the Center in providing high-level innovative catering.

      New Gains. Expert Think-tank Industrial Awards Facilitating Fast Development
      Befe the convening of EPFIC, a symposium themed Discussing the development of Huairou District international conference zone conference industry was co-held by the Administrative Committee of Yanqi Lake Ecological Demonstration Zone Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. Many industrial experts, managers of conference exhibition companies regional conference policy makers joined in the symposium offered suggestions f the conference economy in Huairou District f the operation development of the Center. After the symposium, they agreed to cooperate with Huairou District International Conference Zone Conference Center to become their think-tank. They would provide consultancy services intellectual suppt f the industrial economy local development, facilitating the high-speed growth of the local region the industry.
       At the end of the symposium, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center signed strategic agreement with Wld Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), PECC Tuyi (Beijing) International Business Conference Service Company established long term strategic partnership with them. After signing the agreement, WFCMS, PECC Tuyi would provide comprehensive service to the Center accding to their advantages. Through cooperation innovation, the parties would gain me scale strength together.
       The last item on the agenda in the evening of the 28th was the Golden Star Conference Exhibition Award Ceremony the Golden Star Night Dinner Party. After winning the “Best New Venue Award” last year, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center won the “Golden Star Best Venue Award of 2016” this year. The award was an approval of the software hardware facilities comprehensive ability of the Center, a recognition of the fruitful results the Center achieved in the previous year a compliment to the consistent endeavs of the management team in business operation. 

      Thanks to the hardware facilities of Beijing Enterprises Group Co. Ltd. the expted br management suppt from the Nth Star Events, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center deeply dedicated to the suppting wks of the EPFIC. It not only d an ganizing participation experience of “Conference & Exhibition · Home”, which attracted attention personal experiencing from the governments, industrial societies, conference schools media both domestically internationally, but also showcased its professional operation capability through the successful holding of several maj events including the EPFIC, based on which the br influence sales conversion rate of the Center would be greatly stepped up.
      Looking into the future, the Center would give full play to the resources industrial advantage of Huairou District. Relying on superb venue hardware facilities wld leading management level, the Center would integrate conference events with natural resources, humanistic environment, film cultural industry scientific R&D industry, realizing the gripping effect of conference industry in industrial integration. In virtue of the image construction of “International Conference Zone” integrating international cultural histical features, the Center will take the lead of building the district into a new national diplomatic activity zone.