NEWS >Brilliant release of Toyota RAV4Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Displayed Absolute Advantage in the Automobile Industry

Brilliant release of Toyota RAV4Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center Displayed Absolute Advantage in the Automobile Industry

      The hot summer day of late July witnessed the hot new car release event beside the Yanqi Lake. On July 28 29, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center held a release conference f Toyota RAV4 after several other famous brs including Mercedes, BMW, Fd. The concept of the new car stressed on confidence freedom Toyota invited a public figure to be the spokesman f this urban SUV f the first time. The event has aroused wide attention, attracting nearly 2,000 attendees including industry peers, distributs personnel from the media. The two-day event consisted of four themed events, namely, new car release, departure ceremony, distributs’ conference appreciation banquet. This was the first time that Toyota held the four events at the same time range at the same venue, which proved the unparalleled advantage of the Center in the automobile industry.

      New Vig Show the Running of RAV4
      Although the Center has held many release events of new cars, the release event of RAV4 enjoyed something different. Themed “New Vig Show”, the event was presented in a round hall with no columns where the main stage was connected to a loop driveway. The audience sat inside the loop the new RAV4 could be driven close to the audience so that they would have a direct impression of the quality of the new model. In the completely dark conference hall, professional lighting stage design together with various rounds of introduction, promotion perfmance invigated the atmosphere. The appearing of the hsome energetic star spokesman Mark Zhao whose temperament perfectly matched the new RAV4 pushed the whole release event to its climax. Meanwhile, online celebrities also made synchronized live broadcast of the release event that attracted me audience to the new RAV4 the International Conference Hall. The click rate about the venue the event rose incessantly on the internet.

      Eye Catchy Venue Four Big Events
     The release event of RAV4 was diversified with each link closely relating to the other having different kinds of dems. F example, the venue f press conference must be elegant graceful to set off the image of the br; the starting place of the departure ceremony must have convenient transptation flat road- different events needed to be suppted by different kinds of venues.

      The advantage of the Center in the above area was evident. The Center can not only provide all kinds of conference halls meeting rooms f selection, but also possess vast grassl ecological external resources, ensuring visual tactile enjoyment f the host the guests. The gr conference hall was f the new car release ceremony; the inner crid f leisure experiencing, external crid f model car exhibition, the outdo square f departure ceremony, the conference room f discussion interaction. Every participant was impacted by the various functionality of the Conference Hall. What’s me, under the service concept of “Exhibition & Conference · Home”, the Center provided innovative themed catering astonishing surrounding sounding to entertain people’s sensation of smell, taste hearing. It was a proof that considerateness comft can be found in great details.

       Excellent Conference Center Well-acknowledged Services
      Owning to the superb suppt of the Center, the first attempt of holding the four events together achieved unprecedented success that greatly pleased the host. As it had cooperated many times with wld top automobile companies, staff of the Center could properly underst the need of the client. They could actively communicate with terminal users, deeply engage in event preparation, come up with different venue options, event ideas, conference service transptation plans f the host to choose. They would also take their client’s dem as their first priity. During the two-day event, they transfmed the conference hall from a heavily decated press conference venue to an easily decated conference hall f distributs’ conference concluded other transitions including conference hall setting banquet preparation. The concept of keeping pace with clients providing incredible services perfectly cresponded to the ideal of RAV4 that you have unlimited possibility as long as you do it, which was also the main reason f the first cooperation between the two parties.

       Under such good cooperation, no matter the preparation phase of the final event the new car release all went smoothly. The Center successfully closed many transitions from the press conference to the distributs’ conference to the banquet. Its services in every area were fully recognized by the host.

       After its opening, based on its advantages specialties, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center has brought up the customized business concept of using “Conference +” to establish “Conference ·Home” destination service has achieved substantial progress with “Conference + Automobile Culture”. The Center has not only hosted the new car release events of Mercedes V-Class, BMY7 series the new Fd Taurus, but also held other events from the entire automobile industrial chain such as br press release, distributs’ conference test drive. Thanks to the experience, the Center has fmed strong influence upon the automobile industry. “Conference + Automobile Culture” has become a main feature of the Center also a maj driver of the local economy. The Center will continue to enhance its’ attempt in this area to fully exert its power strength in the automobile business, which as a result will help to attract me projects contribute to the all-rounded development of the Nthern Beijing region.