NEWS >5th Beijing International Film Festival opens in Beijing Yanqi

5th Beijing International Film Festival opens in Beijing Yanqi

The 5th Beijing International Film Festival was unveiled at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC) on the evening of April 16, 2015, during which numerous film crews, well-known persons in the movie circle guests from home abroad attended the international-level audio-visual feast. 

After Beijing Jingyan Real Estate Co Ltd Nth Star International Convention & Exhibition Co Ltd signed the BYCC Commission Management Contract in August 2014, a management team from China National Convention Center (CNCC), led by Ren Yu, direct of CNCC’s Service Operation Department, is responsible f the operation management of BYCC projects. BYCC project, the first commission management project in Beijing, is the first expansion of Nth-Star convention exhibition br in Beijing. Since August 2014, the BYCC operation team has been sticking to the concept of building an international management team attached great imptance to the film festival. As a result, at the festival opening ceremony, BYCC’s gr venue, an integration of the traditional architectural style the modern design concept, conquered all the guests with its unique charm. The operation team’s services, the exquisite environment layout full of amazing elements, the advanced complete suppting facilities representing scientific technological innovation, the professional delicate functional areas in an international stard, the warm thoughtful reception allowing guests to feel at home, have won unanimous recognition from the film festival ganization committee, leaders at various levels, film stars, guest the audience.

Among BYCC’s various services, the catering service was the biggest highlight. BYCC’s operation team prepared a lot of molded caramel Tiantan Award statuette trophies coated with chocolate powder used them to decate the banquets f the first time. In addition, the meticulously prepared film star cocktail banquet, tea break, buffet staff meal were either integrations of Chinese Western-style foods selections of local fresh foods from Huairou district of Beijing, satisfying different tastes of guests from all over the wld.

At the star cocktail banquet, the elegant blue style together with featured venue architecture moving light beams in the banquet area, the six tail-made cocktail tables, which were placed like six mobile small isls f the convenience of food selection, the movie elements such as old-style movie project, films, clapperboard classic movie poster, allowed the movie star guests to enjoy the delicious food in a wld of movies.

On the day of the opening ceremony, Liu Huanbo, deputy general manager of Beijing Nth Star Group Industrial Group Co Ltd, came on the scene to visit encourage the frontline BYCC staff. He hoped that BYCC staff could stick to their respective posts, demonstrate BYCC operation team’s ce competitiveness, professional skills excellent comprehensive quality do their best to ensure the success of the opening/closing ceremonies the award-granting ceremony on April 23 of the 5th Beijing International Film Festival.