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Film festival on the tongue

The 7-day-long 5th Beijing International Film Festival was wrapped up. The film star cocktail banquets prepared by Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC) become the highlights at the opening and closing ceremony of the film festival.

Let’s take a look at the gluttonous feasts with numerous creative ideas!

The blue style is selected for the opening ceremony’s evening banquet with the theme of “Blue fantasy”

The red color dominates the closing ceremony’s evening banquet with the theme of “Red passion”.

The tailor-made cocktail table can change its colors, fully showcasing the four-season beautiful sceneries at Yanqi Lake.

The blue light beams, which look like ancient sundials, move around within the banquet area and integrated with the venue building.

The soft red light beams penetrate the fantasy violet cocktail table, reflecting a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Both the delicate layout and the changing lighting modeling make the creative dishes even more attractive.

Movie elements such as old-style film projector, film, clapperboard and classic movie poster are skillfully integrated with the dishes, allowing the star guests to enjoy the delicious foods in a world of movies.

The Tiantan Award trophy statuettes, which are made of various kinds of food materials, look very beautiful.

Huairou-featured food materials with various patterns are also combined with some movie elements.

Surely, the above pictures already arouse your appetite. The following pictures just satisfy your visual aesthetic feeling.