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"Fast and Furious" in BYCC

The 5th Beijing International Film Festival was successfully wrapped up at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC) of Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co Ltd on the evening of April 23, 2015. Over 200 film directors, actors or actresses and guests from home and abroad attended the red carpet ceremony and the award-granting ceremony, witnessing the announcement of all the Tiantan Award statuette trophies’ winners. Facing with both opportunities and challenges, the operation team of BYCC, the venue for the film festival’s opening and closing ceremonies, also staged a real-life “Fast & Furious” in the film festival’s preparation and services, making the pressure of challenges into the driving force.

Eight months of preparation

Starting from only several members in the management team, it took only eight months for BYCC to establish the full support system for the film festival, build a professional team, and complete the procurement and preparation work. It also held a meeting for comprehensive mobilization and detailed deployment, ensuring the successful opening and closing ceremonies of the film festival.

Completing venue arrangement in one month

It took only one month to turn the BYCC from a dusty construction site to a well-arranged ready-to-use venue for the film festival. After the BYCC venue was formally delivered for use in early March 2015, BYCC’s operation team immediately moved to the on-site office in the venue for the preparation of the film festival. In the following month, huge changes happened every day, from landscape layout to material supply according to the requirement, during which over 200 BYCC staff dedicated themselves to the work with full enthusiasm.

Commissioning in 30 days for venue’s full-load operation

It took only 30 days for BYCC staff to fulfill the venue commissioning. On the days of the opening and closing ceremonies, all the neatly dressed BYCC staff came to their posts, personnel in the frontline departments including operation, engineering and security quickly started their work, and other personnel were also in the standby status for coping with unexpected situations. From early morning to midnight during the film festival, the venue had been in full load and smooth operation, and BYCC staff had provided the best services for over 3,000 guests during the peak period.

Two grand banquets, full-chain services

Two grand banquets with distinct styles were held for the opening and closing ceremonies of the film festival with an interval of only seven days. When preparing for the film star cocktail banquets, the most important dining events for the film festival, BYCC stuck to the “unique” standard – tailor-made mobile cocktail tables can change with lamplights, such movie elements as old-style film projector, films and clapperboard as well as Tiantan Award statuette trophies were also used as decorations, simple but delicate. The skillful collocation endowed the two cocktail banquets with unique features, which not only won praises from festival hosts, film stars and guests, but also demonstrated BYCC staff’s full-chain service capability.

Ring-shaped corridor was the venue of the film star cocktail banquet at the film festival

During the film festival, BYCC showcased its unique charm as a new-era convention and exhibition venue, winning unanimous recognition from the film festival organization committee, leaders at various levels, film stars, guests and the audience. Entrusted by Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co Ltd, the China National Convention Center (CNCC) of Beijing North Star International Convention & Exhibition Co Ltd dispatched an operation and management team in August 2014 for the operation and management of BYCC. This management team has rich management and operation experiences, professional organization capabilities and high-quality operation standards, and has once organized over 4,000 activities including APEC and China Beijing International Fair For Trade In Services. BYCC is scheduled to start formal operation in June 2015, and by that time, its high-quality venues and professional services will be fully showcased. Such a “Fast & Furious” will surely allow BYCC to quickly rise and shine the world as a new star.