NEWS >BYCC strives to become top choice for post-APEC high-end conference and award-granting site

BYCC strives to become top choice for post-APEC high-end conference and award-granting site

The success of 2014 APEC Summit made Yanqi Lake, a venue of 2014 APEC conferences, the focus of world attention. In particular, the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (BYCC), where 2014 APEC Leaders’ Summit was held, has become a new shining star among conference and exhibition venues in Beijing and even in China. After the 2014 APEC Summit, BYCC’s development also attracts the attention. At the recent 7th China Meetings Industry Convention (CMIC), Ren Yu, general manager of BYCC, received an interview.

Ren Yu, general manager of BYCC, in an interview. (Photo by Wang Wei/

Mature management mode

According to Ren Yu, the hardware facilities of Yanqi Lake International Convention Complex (YICC) project were originally planned for the 2016 G20 Summit and are of world’s leading level from design to construction. Being part of YICC, BYCC with a construction area of 79,000 square meters owns three main conference halls and over 70 small and medium conference halls including a 5,500-square-meter large council hall and a 2,000-square-meter grand ballroom, which can accommodate 3,000 persons at the same time. In addition, BYCC can undertake conference and exhibition activities accommodating up to 5,000 persons and provide catering services for 3,000 persons at the same time.

As one of the two main venues for the 2014 APEC Summit, China National Convention Center (CNCC) by virtue of its high-quality service level has also won unanimous praises. During the interview, Ren Yu especially introduced BYCC’s operation team. As BYCC has introduced CNCC’s complete management mode and framework and inherited CNCC’s mature conference, exhibition and catering management systems, BYCC is capable of effectively and safely undertaking various types of activities.

Targeting high-end MICE from a high starting point

Different from other convention and exhibition centers whose first activities were usually large exhibitions or commercial conferences, BYCC successfully undertook the 2014 APEC leaders’ summit before its formal operation. The demanding standards on software and hardware conditions can be imagined. Few conference and exhibition centers in China and even in the world possess such a high starting point. As for BYCC’s market positioning after the 2014 APEC Summit, Ren Yun said that in the future, BYCC will take the 2014 APEC Summit as an opportunity to host high-end conference and exhibition activities of think tanks, organizations and associations at home and abroad after its formal operation.

BYCC is scheduled to start formal operation in June 2015. The current market prospect is good as BYCC has reached cooperation intentions with many organizations and industry associations at home and abroad, and the schedules for conferences and exhibitions have been arranged to the end of next year, according to sources.

Making full use of district advantages

The tourism department of the government of Huairou district in Beijing attaches great importance to the future development of YICC and hopes to build YICC into a conference, award-granting and tourism venue, which is different from the convention and exhibition centers in Beijing urban area, by utilizing the advantage of Huairou’s tourism resources. In the future, BYCC will cooperate with other hotels under the YICC, including Sunrise East Kempinski Hotel, to carry out integrated marketing in guest room and catering aspects.

BYCC’s transportation is also a focus of attention. Before the APEC Summit, the Yanqihuxi Road, Yanqihunan Road and Yanqihubei Road had been completed. The Yanqing Road which links Beijing-Jiagedaqi National Road located to the east side of Yanqi Lake was also renovated. This has shortened the vehicle-traveling time among various main places within the Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area to within 10 minutes. In addition, a road leading to Exit 14 of Beijing-Chengde Expressway from BYCC was also completed, connecting the YICC core area to Beijing Capital Airport or Beijing urban areas, and it takes only 30 minutes from the airport to BICC core area by car.