NEWS >5th Beijing International Film Festival to kick off by Yanqi River in April

5th Beijing International Film Festival to kick off by Yanqi River in April

A poem written in the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) says that “Spring has gone and summer has come in Chinese lunar April. Flowers outside the mountains have withered and fallen. But peach blossoms are in full bloom in the mountains.” The poem can be used to describe the present Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area, a place free from city’s hustle and bustle, rich in original simplicity and full of various kinds of plants.

In this place, BYCC, with its building in the shape of the reflection of the Temple of Heaven and featuring Chinese-red cornice modeling and modern technologies, is getting ready for the upcoming opening ceremony of the 5th Beijing International Film Festival on April 16.

Among newly established film festivals, the Beijing International Film Festival is no doubt the most famous and influential one. Since its establishment in 2011, the film festival has been held for four times. This year, the festival’s opening and closing ceremonies will be held outside Beijing downtown for the first time. It is not only because Huairou district in Beijing is known as the “international convention center” and “China’s film center”, but also because of the good ecological condition and excellent software and hardware at BYCC.

Chinese characteristics, international style match film festival’s concept

The Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area with a pleasant climate all year long is a natural oxygen bar among mountains and rivers. The place which is far from city’s hustle and bustle can help people’s mood return to simplicity and tranquility. The success of the 2014 APEC Summit held in Huairou of Beijing not only made the Yanqi Lake Ecological Development Demonstration Area world famous, but also brought BYCC’s featured architecture before the world. BYCC’s main building, which reflects the styles of the Han and Tang dynasties with a perfect combination of modern architectural technology and traditional architectural style, fully interprets and highlights China’s image as a big country in the world.

In the past five years, the film festival organization committee is dedicated to building the film festival into an international cultural exchange brand with Chinese characteristics and Beijing styles, and hopes to find a venue with a perfect integration of Chinese characteristics and international styles. The then just-completed BYCC attracted their attention. BYCC venue integrates Chinese characteristics and international styles and its internationalized management team was from the China National Convention Center (CNCC). Finally, BYCC was selected as the venue for the film festival’s opening and closing ceremonies.

BYCC building in resemblance to Tiantan Award trophy

The first highlight of the film festival, namely the candidate list for the 10 Tiantan Award items, is now released in batches. The final award winner listwill be announced at the closing ceremony on April 23. It is known to all that BYCC’s main building looks like the reflection of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Coincidentally, the appearance of Tiantan Award statuette trophy also draws upon the contour of Tiantan. In addition, the BYCC’s design concept of “combination of heaven and human beings for green innovation” also coincides with Tiantan Award’s core value of “combination of heave and human beings sharing beauty”, which is a reasonable coincidence.

High-quality service, professional team ensure project progress

As the main venue for the film festival activities, BYCC has got fully prepared for a high-level reception and services based on the standard for an international first-class conference.

By early April, BYCC’s engineering construction has been completed, equipment and facilities have been commissioned, and the project has passed the appraisal and acceptance by relevant departments. This means BYCC’s hardware can fully meet the reception requirement for the film festival’s opening and closing ceremonies. As for BYCC’s software, its operation and management team has not only completed the training for all the staff, but also carried out training on special items including etiquette, language and traveling route. BYCC staffs are making every effort to support the smooth operation of the film festival.

With the approaching of the opening ceremony, the festival atmosphere was increasing. Tiantan Award statuette trophy modeling, which is made of green plants, is erected at the front gate of BYCC. Decorative plants have been in place inside the venue, and the stage and lighting for the opening ceremony are ready to use.

The splendid 5th Beijing International Film Festival is going to be unveiled beside the beautiful Yanqi Lake in April. Welcome to BYCC to enjoy the film festival!